Friday, February 27, 2009


Joni was so fun to take pictures of. She was willing to do anything. She was a natural in front of the camara and had this very sexy aura to her. I did Joni's make up (which I include with all my bridal packages,) and she has the most incredible brown eye color. Joni has a very beautiful profile and you don't find that very often. I'm posting some of my favorite pictures of her including my favorite profile pictures.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Irish Wedding Amy and Patty

Since it is almost St. Patricks Day I thought it fitting to post Amy's Ireland Wedding. This was such a wonderful opportunity for me and an amazing adventure. I had so much fun. Susan, Amy's mom flew EVERYTHING over from the states to Ireland for the wedding. Even me. The photographer. It was magical. We were there for ten days and we stayed in this castle were they held the reception. I was in heaven taking pictures. These pictures were taken with a film camara and scanned into my computer. It was a few years ago. They will always be some of my favorites. Thank You Susan, Howard, Amy and Patty for this great adventure. It will always be etched in my mind and my heart.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Braden and Kerri

The wedding day and the reception that night. Here are a few of my favorites. How romantic a horse drawn carriage. Too Perfect. These photos are also unedited. They are straight out of the camara.

Braden and Candice are brother and sister. They got married in the same summer just a few months apart from each other. Ann (the mom) made it through with flying colors. The weddings were both beautiful and they were diffrent from each other. Thanks for letting me be involved. I love your family.


These pictures are straight out of my film camara. No editing, no touch ups, nothing. She is a beautiful bride. Thank You Kerri. We had a great time. It was hard to choose which ones to put on my blog. Braden and Kerri's bridals and wedding were all scanned into my computer so I could put them on my blog. I loved my film camara but wow digital is so much easier. I love these pictures of Kerri.